Flights in Harsh Conditions

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Industrial grade

Robust platform that resists strong winds and extreme weather conditions.


The modules with sensors for diverse applications can be changed fast.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a light material that resists impacts.

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Interchangeable Modules

The modules can be changed fastly and with ease.


Carbon Fiber Frame

Carbon fiber is a light and resistant material.


Impact Resistant

Robust platform that resists strong winds and extreme weather conditions.

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  • Flight Time

  • Air monitoring Sensors

  • Redundant Motor Setup

Our drones differ from the standard due to their robust design, internet communication capacity (IoT), extended flight time, complete autonomy. This is how they satisfy all the requirements for operations in industrial zones.

Drone Andino: Multirotor for monitoring air pollution.

qHAWAX: Static module for 24/7 continuous monitoring of air pollution.

qMAP: Air quality information processing software.

qEYE: Multirotor for safety monitoring in operations, also used for thermal monitoring.

qBOX: Automatic hangar for battery charging and drone protection.

qLAND: Airplane for survey topography.

qFARM: Airplane for precision agriculture jobs.

  • Wind resistance: Up to 8 m/s or 30km/h
  • Air speed: Up to 15 m/s or 54 km/h
  • Link: Telemetry and live video streaming
  • Range: Radiocontrol 2 km, possibility of autonomous flight greater than 5km,
  • Payload: Up to 1.5 kg
  • Standard payload: Air Monitoring Sensors
  • Optional payload: High resolution camera, thermographic camera or multispectral camera
  • Diameter: 100cm
  • Flight controller: PixHawk
  • Max. takeoff weight: 7.5 kg
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Our Services

Environmental Monitoring

Our drones are equipped with sensors to monitor contamination such as toxic gases and dust. After a stage of processing with our algorithms, we create maps of contamination distribution.

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Certification as an Operator

qAIRa offers training to be certified as a RPAS operator. We are allied with the pilot school Professional Air. Some of our clients are Farmex, Ministry of Health, Antamina and Buenaventura.

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Information Processing

We have a software for air quality information processing that generates reports, analyzes trends and creates contamination maps.


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After-Sales Support

We provide maintenance and reparation services with fast and effective response times.


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