Air is our planet’s most valuable resource, but it is nowadays being threatened by the high levels of contamination which cause, besides global warming, 4.2 million deaths globally each year.
This silent problem needs to be tackled NOW. Our team works towards achieving the democratization of air quality.


Mónica Abarca

CEO & Co-Founder

Mónica is an entrepreneur and mechatronics engineer passionate for robotics and design. She has experience in the mining industry, education and academic research. She was part of the Graduate Studies Program 2015 at Singularity University, where she learnt about exponential technologies.

Carlos Saito

COO & Co-Founder

Carlos is an aeronautical engineer from the Air Force Academy of USA passionate about unmanned aerial systems. He has more than 6 years of experience working with commercial and military drones, which he has flown in inhospitable places such as volcanos an glaciers.

Francisco Cuéllar

CIoTO & Co-Founder

Francisco is an electronics engineer M.Sc. in mechatronics from King’s College from London with experience in research projects in robotics. He is the Director of the Center of Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing from PUCP. He was part of the Executive Program at Singularity University.

Javier Calvo Pérez

Angel Investor

Javier is an entrepreneur and investor.  He is board president of Liderman, company he founder 27 years ago which is now in Peru, Ecuador and Chile, associated to The Carlyle Group, main investment fund of the world. Javier has received the award for “Business Leader for Change 2016” and is an international speaker.

Javier Cerna

Mechatronics Engineer

Christihan Laurel

Mechatronics Engineer

Milagros Arcos

Social & Business Manager

Accomplishments & Awards



Guardians of the air: Peruvian will make map of environmental pollution of the country

Have you ever wondered in which area of the country you breathe the most polluted air? To answer this question qAIRa engineers, a Peruvian startup recently awarded in a competition of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, will create with the Map of Air Pollution in Peru with help of drones and fixed modules...



The project with which Peruvian was chosen as the best entrepreneur

Mónica Abarca, a mechatronics engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), obtained this important recognition with her startup qAIRa, a company that monitors contaminated air with the aid of high technology drones...

El Comercio


qAIRa: The technological revolution in favor of the environment began in Peru

Young mechatronics engineer, together with a high level team, develop efficient network of drones and modules to monitor and measure air quality. Network of environmental drones are a global innovation and can operate up to 5000 masl...



Drone documented the river overflow in Carapongo

The National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) was supported by the Peruvian technological start-up qAIRa to carry out aerial monitoring in the areas of Carapongo and Huachipa, affected by the overflow of the Rimac river...

El Comercio


Au Pérou, Qaira déploie ses drones pour controler la pollution de l air

La start-up péruvienne Qaira a mis au point des drones qui mesurent la pollution de l'air au-dessus des zones potentiellement exposées...

Les Echos


Drones from Antamina go on a quest for efficiency

The mining company bets on this technology and customizes it together with a startup for its use at locations above 4,200 masl. Thus, to improve the supervision of the machinery in their operation and, with it, their profitability.

Semana Económica


Our vision is democratize air quality information

Technologies, if used with a vision that contributes to the sustainability of the environment, can achieve positive impacts that generate a shared value and a harmony between the environment and the Industry. The case of the company qAIRa, is an example of action to which I pose at the beginning. Its manufacture of drones not only helps companies to have a better management in the realization of their projects, but also seeks to provide information that supports the environment.



3 stories that will make you proud to be Peruvian

In addition to tourist attractions and cultural wealth, there are reasons to be proud of our people. The mechatronic engineer Mónica Abarca (24 years old) built a drone in 2014 capable of detecting air pollution for her thesis project.


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